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Iron Leaguer - 18

Episode 18

This episode is all about Shiruki and the other second-stringers. They may not be the stars of the show, but that doesn’t mean they’re not always there, working hard for the team. And sometimes, they need a little reminder of that.

I know we sound a bit like a broken record, but we’re still still looking for help! If you or someone you know thinks it would be neat to translate an older mecha anime, contact a member of the staff!

Iron Leaguer - 16

Episode 16

This episode finishes off the first major story arc in Iron Leaguer, with the seed entry into the championship on the line for both Silver Castle and Dark Sports! Also, GZ learns how to play soccer.

Iron Leaguer - 17

Episode 17

This episode is mainly a clipshow, covering the team’s miraculous climb in the standings over the last 16 episodes. It’s a lot of reused footage, but there’s some setup for the next arc, as the team prepares itself for the championships!

Also, as a reminder, we’re still still looking for help. If you or anyone you know is interested in translating a mecha anime, please inquire with the team!

Iron Leaguer - 15

Episode 15

I don’t really have anything to say. This took way longer then it really should have, under any justification. Sadly, basically every member of the team has been affected by things in life in one form or another this past year. We appreciate everyone’s support, however, and we still fully intend to finish Iron Leaguer. We’re still looking for help, on either this project or others we’d like to work on as well, so if you know anyone who has a pet project, wants to practice their Japanese, or just wants to work as a fansubber, please send them our way!

Thank you all!

Iron Leaguer - 14

Episode 14

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a good holiday period. With this episode, our heroes have an important mission in front of them, and GZ is the only thing standing in their way.

Once more, I just want to remind our viewers that we’re still looking for translators! Our delays are not entirely due to our editing staff’s schedules, and we’d also like to try working on some other shows as well. We’re pretty flexible when it comes to things to work on; as long as it’s mecha, we’re pretty open! Just give us a shout, either the in the ways mentioned in that previous post, or through our new Twitter account.

Iron Leaguer - Twitter


So, I won’t lie. I’m pretty bad at this whole “social media” thing. But folks have suggested that we get a Twitter account, at least, to better announce out releases. So we have! You can follow us at @alpha_numbers, and find out when we release stuff or send us messages through there as well.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who supports us! We really appreciate it!

Iron Leaguer - 13


Episode 13

While there’s the old adage of going to a fight and a hockey game breaking out, matches are (generally) not this violent. Also, Topjoy has an important decision to make!

And hey, Alpha Numbers is still looking for translators! As mentioned, we are looking to start a few other shows, but we’re also very flexible. Just give us a shout!

Iron Leaguer - 12


Episode 12

In this episode, we finally start on the first real story arc in Iron Leaguer, and meet up with someone from Magnum Ace’s past.

The two attacks that Ryuken performed in this episode are “Ryutetsuken” (Steel Dragon Fist) and “Ryushinkyaku” (Dragon God Kick).

Also, just as a reminder, Alpha Numbers is still looking for translators! If you’ve been wondering why episodes take so long to come out, this is primarily why.

Iron Leaguer - 1v2


Episodes 1~4 v2

Imban graciously went back over episodes 1 through 4 to touch up some rough dialog, and I also changed some of the typesetting in the first few episodes that we changed in later ones to make them more compatible. Nothing special here, otherwise.

Also, just as a reminder, Alpha Numbers is still looking for translators!

Iron Leaguer 11


Episode 11

The overarching plot of the series is starting to come into view with this episode. Who ever could have foreseen this turn of events?!

For those who were wondering, in this episode Kiai Ryuken uses a special technique, which we actually left translated, though we didn’t do that last time. We actually have a plan to release a v2 set of earlier episodes to fix up some rough edges, and that’ll be updated there as well. We’ll be placing the original text in the appropriate episode posts. In this case, his attack is named “Ryuutenkenkyaku”, or “Dragon Sky Punch Kick”. I’m not exactly sure what a punch-kick is supposed to be, but that’s a pretty silly name anyway.



It’s only been a few months since Alpha Numbers started, and while we’re still trucking along on Iron Leaguer, our first series, we’re looking to expand! When Tilus and I got to talking about getting back into fansubbing (both of us used to be members of Etheria, a group from a long time ago), we didn’t have much luck in finding floating translators so we got our friend Nayuta_Chouta to set aside some of his busy schedule to get us started, and hopefully be able to attract someone on a more permanent basis.

So, on that basis, we’re looking to recruit! The hope is to get an additional translator to help Nayuta when real life interferes, and to potentially allow us to start on a second project. As indicated by our group name, Alpha Numbers is based around a community of members who enjoy the Super Robot Wars series and robot anime, so we do have a collection of older mecha shows that we want to do fansubs for, though we’re also flexible and willing to work with prospective applicants regarding what series they’d like to translate.

The staff of Alpha Numbers is currently looking to pick up the following projects, in no specific order:


But, as mentioned, if someone has a personal pet project they want to translate, we are also willing to work with them. If you or someone you know is looking to practice or expand their knowledge of Japanese through anime translating, please contact us in the comments below, on our IRC channel at #[email protected], or by sending me an e-mail at big(dot)metto(at)gmail(dot)com.

– Umbaglo


[This post was edited on 10 May 2015 to remove Dragonar and add Tobikage]