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Episode 3

There’s an amusing part in this episode where a recorded event is played twice at different times, yet the dialog was changed in the second playback. Since the intent was that it was replaying the exact same thing, the subs reflect this, even if you may notice the¬†discrepancy.


  1. Rock on.

  2. Neat.

  3. Thanks guys! I can’t even imagine how long and tedious it’ll be to sub the whole series, but I wish you the best in your endeavour. Again, thank you, much appreciated!

  4. Thank you very much. Keep rockin’ out more Iron Leaguer.

  5. Thanks a lot for subbing this awesome show!!!
    thanks to you we can delight

    btw, if it can halp , episodes from 1 to 15 are already subbed there :

    but it’s unwatchable because encoding is very crappy , contrary to these awesome torrents we’d love the full tv show lol :O

    any website we could donate to help ??

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