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Episode 4

As we were preparing this episode, we discovered that the font we chose for the next episode title turned out to not actually be one that was all that common, which caused some problems this time. For this episode and all subsequent ones, we’ve changed to a font that should be much more compatible. Please let us know if there seems to be issues with it, however!


  1. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot! Awesome subbing!

  3. Thanks for the episode. Although I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful c**t but since you’re asking for some feedback, do you think it would be possible to add chapter marks say… after the OP, at the eyecatch, before and after the ED?

    Anyway, thanks again for the release. Amazing job!

  4. Thank you so much for fan subbing this series! ^^

    There’s just a minor matter I’d like to point out, concerning a few names: the name “Shiruki” (シルキー) is actually romanized as “Silky”, while “Jyurota” (十郎太 = Jūrōta) is romanized as “(Kiwami) Jurota”.

    But like I said, these are just minor matters; the fan subs themselves are flawless. c:
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m still grappling with consistency, but for the two you pointed out:

      I’m keeping Shiruki, primarily because his name is symbolic for ‘shiru’ba- ‘k’yasuru(Silver Castle).

      Jyuurouta, I might consider dropping the y, but I’m leaning towards keeping it as I wrote it since it’s a full kanji name.

      • No problem. ^^

        I see. I myself have never thought about this kind of correlation between “Shiruki” and “Silver Castle”, because all along I’ve just been sticking to the translation I mentioned in the previous comment.

        I only knew that the kanji for “Ginjō” means again “Silver Castle” and now, after learning this other fact, I can say that I like also this reasoning to keep “Shiruki” instead of “Silky”.

  5. You guys are doing an awesome job on this. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you

  7. Hi there! ^^
    Lately I’ve been rewatching this episode, and I noticed that Gold Mask’s “nickname” Kyoufu no Kikoushi (恐怖の貴公子) has been translated as “Young Noble of Dangerous Weaponry”.
    Truth be told, I’m not an expert in Japanese, and I saw that “恐怖の貴公子” is translated (by Google) as “Young Noble(man)/Prince of Fear” instead.
    So now I’m kind of confused: which one might be the proper term? “Young Noble/Prince of Dangerous Weaponry” or “Young Noble/Prince of Fear”?

    • It should be kyoufu no kikoushi for young noble/prince of fear/terror. I think I might have heard kyouki given it’s kind of a one-off mention and never brought up again.

      • Oh, wait… now I understand! I always thought you had some original subtitles to work on, instead you have to rely only (or mainly) on the audio? O.O Now I see why it take you guys this long between an episode and another.
        A few days ago, I tried to translate one single line by myself of a not yet subbed episode (number 16), relying only on the audio; it took me almost one whole hour (and even so, I’m not yet sure I got it correctly) for that single sentence, so I can totally understand what kind of hard work it is translating one whole episode in this way.
        I think we will never thank you enough for your efforts as translator. ^^

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