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Iron Leaguer - 7


Episode 7

Hey, we’re back! Sorry for the long break, but our translator was having problems with¬†Armageddon¬†and Topjoy’s dialog, which was why we took so long! Thanks for your continual support, though!


  1. YES! You’re back! So glad to watch some new episodes of Iron Leaguer! I’m looking forward to when GZ shows up later (I’m a hockey lover).

  2. YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!! ASDFJKLDSFgxhbdfjnhvkszngdvc vhgxdsjczk

  3. if you guys want, you guys could use the korean subs since they’re already timed. i’ll post up a link or something later.

    • Thank you for the offer, but our timer does an excellent job, and would likely need to redo these files anyway even if they could be used on our raws.

      Timing is not the bottleneck. What takes the longest time when subbing an episode is the translation. Unfortunately, since we only have one translator, there’s not much we can do about that.

    this is the korean smi subtitle converted srt and srt file of the korean subs google-translated to japanese for 8-21. It’s timed

  5. I can not thank you guys enough for doing this. I’ve wanted to watch this series FOREVER. *sobs into hands* <3 You people are amazing.

  6. Sorry to be rude and impatient, but is there any time frame that we can expect to see more releases? Need more Leaguer.

  7. Man, I can’t thank you guys enough! You’ve been doing a fantastic job so far, I can’t wait for more. So excited Iron Leaguer is finally getting the subs it deserves.

  8. omg yuushahugs is that you?

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