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Iron Leaguer 11


Episode 11

The overarching plot of the series is starting to come into view with this episode. Who ever could have foreseen this turn of events?!

For those who were wondering, in this episode Kiai Ryuken uses a special technique, which we actually left translated, though we didn’t do that last time. We actually have a plan to release a v2 set of earlier episodes to fix up some rough edges, and that’ll be updated there as well. We’ll be placing the original text in the appropriate episode posts. In this case, his attack is named “Ryuutenkenkyaku”, or “Dragon Sky Punch Kick”. I’m not exactly sure what a punch-kick is supposed to be, but that’s a pretty silly name anyway.


  1. What great news to wake up to. Thanks! And so quick after the last one.

  2. So I watched it. Good stuff. But while I appreciate the time and effort, I hope you can hurry with the next episode. I’m a huge hockey fan, so I’d been waiting for the hockey themed stuff to start.

  3. What a twist indeed.
    Did not expect this stuff to happen so soon, and the plot seem more elaborate than I though.
    Looking forward for next eps!

  4. Yay +joy I didn’t know you guys were still working on this, can I put you in my links section on my wordpress blog? 😀

    • Certainly! Thank you!

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