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Iron Leaguer - 12


Episode 12

In this episode, we finally start on the first real story arc in Iron Leaguer, and meet up with someone from Magnum Ace’s past.

The two attacks that Ryuken performed in this episode are “Ryutetsuken” (Steel Dragon Fist) and “Ryushinkyaku” (Dragon God Kick).

Also, just as a reminder, Alpha Numbers isĀ still looking for translators! If you’ve been wondering why episodes take so long to come out, this is primarily why.


  1. YES!!!!!! Thank you! Damn it, I wish I could translate.

  2. I would gladly lend you guys a hand for the translation part, but all what I could rely on are Chinese subs and Google translator. ^^;

    P.S.: I don’t know if this has ben asked already, but how come is it “Mikhail” instead of “Meckel”?

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