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Iron Leaguer - 13


Episode 13

While there’s the old adage of going to a fight and a hockey game breaking out, matches are (generally) not this violent. Also, Topjoy has an important decision to make!

And hey, Alpha Numbers is still looking for translators! As mentioned, we are looking to start a few other shows, but we’re also very flexible. Just give us a shout!


  1. Alpha Numbers:

    I highly recommend you upload all your episodes to Mega, since many of the other file-lockers keep getting picked off by the US Government.

  2. Also, definitely sign up on the /m/subs forums:

    There are lots of people there who would be willing to help you sub mech shows that you guys like.

  3. This arc is really “heating up”. I’m so eager to see what comes next! Thanks!

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