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Iron Leaguer - 14

Episode 14

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a good holiday period. With this episode, our heroes have an important mission in front of them, and GZ is the only thing standing in their way.

Once more, I just want to remind our viewers that we’re still looking for translators! Our delays are not entirely due to our editing staff’s schedules, and we’d also like to try working on some other shows as well. We’re pretty flexible when it comes to things to work on; as long as it’s mecha, we’re pretty open! Just give us a shout, either the in the ways mentioned in that previous post, or through our new Twitter account.


  1. Hey thanks for this episode!
    Somehow there was only 1 person seeding, and I couldn’t download this one completely.

    Could someone help me with this?
    Thank you so much again for your efforts! This is one of my favorite childhood anime!

  2. Thank you so much for translating this!! I’ve always wanted to see the whole series ever since I first saw this as a kid.

  3. Thanks for translating this series, I really wanted to see what it was about. Unfortunaly theres only one seeder and so far I was only able to watch episode 1.

  4. Go onto alphanumber’s IRC channel and ask for a re-seed.

    • I already sent them a tweet, but so far they haven’t answered. I guess they’re still busy.

  5. please update your status in
    iron L episodes had been submitted to 8 so far

  6. Dropped?

    • We would make sure to clearly announce if we do. Nah, we’ve just more had a problem of getting some folks to finish their tasks. Our translator being the biggest issue.

      • Sorry. I know translators hate being asked that. But thatnks for the update. Its … something 😐

      • Sounds like you need a much more reliable translator.

        • Well, yes. We’ve been looking for folks for a while now, with no takers. Our current translator was meant to be someone to get us started while we found someone more permanent, because of his normally busy life.

          If you know someone who is looking to join our team, please send them our way.

            • Someone
            • Posted October 9, 2014 at 10:15 pm
            • Permalink

            Umbaglo, maybe you could try asking Saizen Fansubs and helping out on some of their projects.

            In return, they could help you with getting Iron Leaguer entirely translated, since that seems to be where your bottleneck is right now.


            Their irc channel is saizen on .

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