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Iron Leaguer - 15

Episode 15

I don’t really have anything to say. This took way longer then it really should have, under any justification. Sadly, basically every member of the team has been affected by things in life in one form or another this past year. We appreciate everyone’s support, however, and we still fully intend to finish Iron Leaguer. We’re still looking for help, on either this project or others we’d like to work on as well, so if you know anyone who has a pet project, wants to practice their Japanese, or just wants to work as a fansubber, please send them our way!

Thank you all!


  1. Well then, egg on my face. Pardon my impatience then. Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. Glad to see y’all are alright.

    While it was certainly an uncomfortable place to take a hiatus, I think we all survived it.
    It’s far from the longest I’ve ever waited. Someday… someday I’ll have Gear Fighter Dendoh in something other than overcompressed HK bootleg rips! Mark my words, the curse shall end!

    *resumes watching patiently from the shadows*

  3. I love this anime! Keep it up guys

  4. Great, the wait was long but worth it. Hope you get soon to the episodes that weren’t translated before.

  5. I can’t figure out how to bring up the subtitles on DivX Player, is there another media player I should use?

  6. Never mind, I figured it out! ^^;

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