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Iron Leaguer - 16

Episode 16

This episode finishes off the first major story arc in Iron Leaguer, with the seed entry into the championship on the line for both Silver Castle and Dark Sports! Also, GZ learns how to play soccer.

Iron Leaguer - 17

Episode 17

This episode is mainly a clipshow, covering the team’s miraculous climb in the standings over the last 16 episodes. It’s a lot of reused footage, but there’s some setup for the next arc, as the team prepares itself for the championships!

Also, as a reminder, we’re stillĀ still looking for help. If you or anyone you know is interested in translating a mecha anime, please inquire with the team!


  1. Finally! ^^

  2. Glad to see you guys are still working on this, at whatever pace its worth it. Thanks.

  3. Can I just say a big, BIG thank you for subbing this. I stumbled on this little gem not long ago, and it made my day to find out a group was actually working on it.

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