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Iron Leaguer - 18

Episode 18

This episode is all about Shiruki and the other second-stringers. They may not be the stars of the show, but that doesn’t mean they’re not always there, working hard for the team. And sometimes, they need a little reminder of that.

I know we sound a bit like a broken record, but we’re still still looking for help! If you or someone you know thinks it would be neat to translate an older mecha anime, contact a member of the staff!


  1. Based.

  2. I ain’t got nothin’ for ya but a thank you very much.

    So, like, thank you very much. Totally!

  3. Nice to see these guys get an episode (mostly) to themselves. Thanks again for the hard work!

  4. Great, thanks for the episode.
    If I knew any japanese I would helping you right now, even though I wouldn’t need a fansub if I knew japanese XD but still, more people should watch this anime.

  5. Have you checked Youtube lately? Someone’s been beating you in this race. So far, they tranlsated from episode 17 to episode 42. 26 episodes in 5 months.

    • Alpha Numbers Suck Dick
    • Posted September 6, 2015 at 10:51 am
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    Lol you guys fucking suck. In the span of 6 months, one person pretty much finished subbing the rest of the series. This saint will probably also sub the OVA’s as well in the time that it takes you guys to finish one fucking episode. GG fuckbois. G. G.

    • Thank you for your comment, however there is no requirement to be rude. This is not a competition, and if someone else wished to translate the rest of the series then I would still consider our job complete. After all, you still got to enjoy the rest of the show, did you not? Does it really matter who it came from? I would like to think that we offer our own take on things that allows for multiple groups to co-exist. Such a thing’s been happening in the fansubbing community for decades.

      As we have said over the years, we work around the translator we had, and his life situation. We have been looking for others to join us, something that’s hurting a lot of other groups as well. I’m sorry that you are dissatisfied at the speed we work at, and I can assure you that we are as well. That doesn’t justify foul language, however. Maybe you should consider the way you treat those who are working to provide you a service, at no cost to you.

      I wish you a pleasant day.

  6. That person seems to fail to grasp a few details here.

    – First of all: there ISN’T just one person behind the translation of the subs on Youtube. If you read each description, you’d see that they’ve always been writing: “Translations: sharky857, me & my friend (and google translate!)”

    – Secondly: those same persons based their translations on the partial (and rather crappy, admittedly) ones I myself posted a couple of years ago in my Tumblr blog, which also explains why they’ve been keeping on mentioning me in their uploads.
    They asked me if I was alright to let them use those partial translations, and I simply gave them the go. All what they had to do had been filling in the still missing parts, besides fixing the mistakes here and there. So yes, they had those translations offered on a nearly-silver plate, that’s why they’ve been proceeding this quickly.
    Besides, they never needed to worry about things like timing the subs from scratch. What they’ve been using are the RAWs from the same Torrent file I caught 2 or 3 years ago, which had a folder with Chinese subs, for both the whole series and the OVA.
    All what they’ve been doing, has been rewriting those same subs from Chinese to English and then save them like that, because the timing was already fixed.
    If I remember well, I also tried to offer to share those same Chinese subs even to you guys; I think I also tried to mention those partial translations, but back then you kindly declined the offer.

    – Thirdly: I know that you’ve been taking this long because you have ONLY ONE translator, whose work (again, if I remember well) is mainly based on what he can grasp ONLY from the audio. And I also know that relying on the audio is definitely NOT an easy job.
    Once I tried to translate by myself a single line in one of the episodes. It took me TWO HOURS to grasp what they were saying, and even so I wasn’t yet sure that I got the whole sentence correctly.

    – Fourthly: Admittedly, that person is not the only growing impatient for the next subbed episode.
    But I also know that you are as humans as I am, and given the limited sources (and, I suppose, limited free time to do this and other projects), these delays are to be expected. If you could find some more helpers for your project(s), you may work faster as well.

    P.S.: The guys on Youtube didn’t even originally plan to upload their subbed videos, this had been a secondary decision.
    Their first intent had been adding English subs to the still unsubbed episodes because someone they know someone (I can’t remember if it’s a friend of theirs or a brother/sister) who grew kinda obsessed with this series; since this person had been watching it on Youtube, they couldn’t find anything subbed above episode 16.
    So, since one of them was also more familiar with Japanese, and given where they could find already (partially) subbed dialogue lines, they decided to start this translation project on their own accord, eventually deciding to upload the videos on YT for everybody else to enjoy them.
    In one week they’re going to upload the last episode of the series, but at this point I can’t say if they’re going to be this fast also with the OVA.
    They’re intended to translate even those five parts, but this time they’ll also have to do it all by themselves, because there are no “partial translations” available for any of those parts.

    • Meredith Williams
    • Posted September 14, 2015 at 11:48 am
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  7. Hi, just discovered about this show. Thanks for the web stream rips. But do you know if somebody took time to extract the sub (srt) files and see if they work with RAWs ? Just to get a better picture quality!
    thanks for the work anyway.

  8. hey! no idea if this is worth a shot, given this site looks like it’s been abandoned for a bit, but i’m a noob and have no idea how to use irc sooo
    your subs are magnificent and pretty definitively the best way to watch the first 18 eps of IL, but it looks like nyaatorrents is dead and there aren’t any mirrors. would you ever consider reuploading somewhere else/ uploading the subtitle files on their own? it’d make my life.

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